A Total Joint Replacement

No More Band-Aid Approach, A Major Operation Is Underway At Heber Valley Hospital.

For years, Heber Valley Hospital has been forced to fi x its ailments with temporary solutions — everything from blowing out walls to rearranging furniture in waiting rooms to add a little more space.

The hospital was built in 1999 for the 13,000 residents at the time. But in the last two decades, the population of Heber and the surrounding area has more than doubled, making it the third fastest growing city for its size in the United States. And the town’s primary source for health care has had a difficult time keeping pace.

• Same Day Surgery and Endoscopy Suite
• Expanded And Renovated Physician Clinics
• Renovation Of Lobbies, Patient Registration and Administrative Offi ces
• Expanded Nursery
• New And Expanded Pharmacy
• Additional Campus Entry Road From 1200 South
• New Café

“The town’s population grew faster than we could, so for a number of years, we’ve had to treat the symptoms of an aging building and limited space,” explained Adam Chandio, Interim Administrator at Heber Valley Hospital. “In both health care and construction, merely treating the symptoms isn’t a good long-term strategy. Curing the underlying issue is what’s important, and this project allows us to do that.”

The $43 million commitment to expanding the hospital will be the largest medical care investment ever made in Heber. Phase II of the construction on the project is due to begin this summer. It includes:
Phase I of the construction was completed in May of 2018 and included a new emergency department, MRI suite and InstaCare.

“Modernizing and expanding the campus accommodates more specialists, services and makes receiving care faster and more convenient. These enhancements will redefi ne hospital access for people living in and around Heber Valley,” added Chandio.

The hospital’s expansion project is expected to wrap up in November of 2019. For more information visit: HeberHospital.org.