Midway Must-Haves


Heber Valley’s charming Midway, affectionately known as “Little Switzerland” for its dramatic mountain location and Germanic heritage, is giving guests and residents alike one more reason to visit the delightful hamlet with the opening of the new Midway Must-Haves souvenir shoppe.

Located in historic Town Hall, site of the original Old Fort Midway and situated in the civic heart of town, the shop is an effort to enhance hospitality and showcase Midway’s local treasures including art, culinary delights, logo apparel, keepsakes and information on local events.

“It is our goal and ambition to promote and share the culture of Midway through local brands, services and events that are meaningful and have been inspired by the heritage of this beautiful valley,” said Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson.
To that end, the town looked to its youth: At least ten students from the Wasatch High School CAPS program helped conceptualize Midway Must-Haves as a central place where people can find information, get referrals and purchase local products that support and represent Midway.

Midway Must-Haves is open —
Monday through Friday | 10am – 7pm
120 W Main Street Ste A