The Corner Restaurant – A Family Affair

The glorious peaks, deep canyons and fertile soils of Utah’s vast Heber Valley were a welcomed site to the early Swiss pioneers who settled the small village now known as Midway. A leader among the early settlers, John Ulrich Probst, became a vital contributor to the thriving community so many enjoy today. Four generations later, his descendants are working together once again, creating a welcoming gathering spot for family and friends to share good times, a sense of community and fabulous food.

True to the Swiss legacy of the family, their captivating corner restaurant uses the area’s famous porous pot rock, rich with local volcanic minerals along with warm, wooden timber beams evoking the early logging history of the region. A large lawn out back features its own babbling brook and provides the ideal settings for concerts, events and large family gatherings.

There are an impressive number of family members participating in their successful endeavor to off er gourmet homestyle dishes served with a love of traditional cuisine and a strong bond with their small town community. Burkley Probst, restaurant manager and fourth generation resident of Midway, had long dreamed of reigniting the family food flame ever since the days of his grandparents’, Gene and Darlene, and their beloved diner, the Burgermeister.

“My grandmother would hug and kiss the farmers and townspeople who came in for a drink and a sandwich,“ Burkley remembers. “Everyone knew them and loved the food, particularly the Hot Ham and Swiss, which is back on our menu today.”

Burkley’s father, Karl Probst, is in charge of the delicious smells wafting from the ground floor bakery. There he and his staff create their Swiss Brioche Buns and other amazing desserts like Mary’s Carrot Cake (made with love by Karl’s wife) and Linda’s Butterscotch Pudding (thanks to Chef Andrew’s wife). John Probst, an uncle in charge of the restaurant’s finances, describes the Oreo crust and salted caramel filling of Linda’s secret recipe, “It’s crazy good, that AHH moment!”

“We’re full of friends, we socialize and it’s a refuge from the storm,” says John. Some of Chef Andrew’s most beloved and beautifully presented comfort food includes dishes like Short Rib Stroganoff, Pan Seared Chicken with Cream Corn, Gouda Cheese and Poppy’s fries (Grandpa Gene’s old recipe with salt, special herbs and parmesan). They have essentially brought back that Burgermeister feeling with a decidedly modern twist.

As reported by a group of Probst cousins who also work with the restaurant, “It’s the food we remember growing up and our chef gives it a completely new feel.” Today, guests can enjoy the full bar while waiting to sample the food and history this charming family of restaurateurs has to offer.


The Corner Restaurant
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By Ani Robertson