Longing for the Backwoods? – Heber Hatchets


Not sure how to impress your date? Heber Hatchets has created the perfect entertainment for the people in the mountains of Utah. Skip bowling and a movie to experience a date that hits the bullseye.

Throwing an axe at Heber Hatchets is unique, social and affordable.

Heber Hatchets, which opened in July of 2018, offers a chance to reduce stress and empower your inner lumberjack by flinging an axe through the air. They keep you safe and provide a location that has been handcrafted to make your night out an experience you won’t forget.

Throwing axes has reportedly been the best way to get to know your friends, loved ones, and coworkers. With six throwing lanes and three bays, their space can accommodate up to 30 people. There is also room for catering, meeting and other activities. By booking a group, you’ll even receive your own friendly, flannelled host to make sure all your Bunyun needs are cared for.

So bring a new date, friends or family—just remember your beards and flannels.

Reserve an axe throwing spot at heberhatchets.com