Hot Fun in the Summer

Summertime at Soldier Hollow is a veritable playground for trail runners, mountain bikers, roller-skiers, adventure racers, and elite four-legged athletes.

Every Labor Day Weekend the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic takes place. This event brings some of the world’s finest sheepdogs and handlers from Europe, South America, North America, and Africa to compete in this exclusive event. Other highlights include a high-flying splash dog competition, exotic animal show, raptors exhibition and training demonstrations.

Those on two legs can discover the thrill and challenge of an authentic biathlon experience on the 2002 Olympic Range. There’s also a week-long summer camp for kids where small but aspiring Olympians are coached by professionals to shoot with precision rifles.

Visitors can also take advantage of the nine-mile mountain bike loop and three-kilometer roller-ski loop or explore the venue on horseback. Soldier Hollow also boasts an award-winning day lodge which can be rented for weddings, conferences, family gatherings, and private events.

When looking for a fun activity, remember that no matter what time of year, Soldier Hollow is an one-of-a-kind experience.