The Thrill of Winter

Switch up your winter activities by mixing in snowmobiling. Take family and friends out into the crisp cold air to create memories, release stress and interact with nature.

The Wasatch Back is unique for recreation on a snowmobile because within 15-30 minutes of checking out or gassing up, snowmobilers can be in true backcountry. Outside of Heber City, sit hundreds of miles of groomed trails in which to play. There is extraordinary public terrain to be explored that can only be reached on a snowmobile.

Traveling up and down hills, snowmobilers can see beautiful vistas. In fact, from the top, you see Wyoming from the comfort of your machine.

“We want to make our clients lifelong friends,” states New Heights owner, Michael Weber. To do this, they offer support for first-time riders explaining the machines and safety protocols. They carefully review trail maps, riding tips and techniques and provide a way to contact staff from the trail. For experienced enthusiasts, Weber’s team makes equipment recommendations and notes points of interest on the trails.

Weber explains, “I used to ski five days a week; now I only snowmobile. It gives me greater access to the backcountry.” Weber and his staff are committed to making memories in the mountains for snowmobilers.