Ice Castles

Experience a Winter Paradise at the Homestead Resort in Midway

California transplant Brent Christensen began “building” with ice in his Utah backyard – ice towers and slides for the kids. Next, he built an igloo, and added chunks of snow and ice to his original structure. Christensen says that’s when he started thinking about icicles, and whether he could “grow” them.

53Grow them, he did – into what are now popularly-known as the “Ice Castles.” In Midway, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and serene winter landscapes, this fantasy-land seems right at home. The Ice Castles are unique, stunning creati ons of towers, archways and caves. Ice walls that stand up to 20 feet conti nue to grow throughout the winter season – doubling or tripling in height! Christensen’s patented method for “growing” these ice structures requires Mother Nature’s help: lots of water and cold temperatures. Sprinklers spray water onto metal racks to form thousands of icicles. These are removed, planted in the ground and drenched with water; wind and cold weather determine their shapes and forms. At night, the structures are enhanced by LED lights embedded in the ice, adding color and light to this winter paradise.

Bundle up and be amazed by this unique “collaboration” between man and nature!

Visit the Ice Castles at Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah.